Consulting Manager

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Job Overview

 As a Consulting Manager, you will be focused on both project delivery, and client management, where you will take the lead and manage projects, support, guide, and advise project team leads, and manage consultants and associates, in addition to maintaining the relationship with the client. Also, you will be responsible for managing some of the business development activities, research and development activities, and internal development activities.

Duties and Responsibilities: 

Main roles: 

  • Manage group of team leads, consultants, and associates to deliver project outcomes, and provide advice and guidance. 
  • Manage client relationships and facilitate the communication process. 
  • Manage and control project delivery, project financial performance, quality of work, and client satisfaction. Manage and lead part of the activities in sales & business development, research, and internal development. 

Main service delivery roles: 

  • Design and prepare project plans, governance, risks, and requirements. 
  • Manage project delivery activities, deliverables quality and submission, and financial collection. 
  • Support and advise the project team in structuring data and information-gathering process. 
  •  Support and advise the project team in structuring project research and benchmark activities. 
  •  Support and guide the project team in performing and structuring the analysis, assessment, and problem-solving activities. 
  • Manage and structure interviews, executive meetings, and workshops with project team and clients. 
  • Manage, conducts, and facilitate workshops, and interview with clients and different stakeholders. 
  • Support and guide the project team in creating and designing project solutions and recommendations. 

Main business development roles:

  •  Identifying opportunities from current engagements and designing a proper approach. 
  •  Prepare and develop technical and financial proposals. 
  •  manage some internal research & studies initiatives and participate in preparing related reports. 
  • Participate in creating and designing products and services.

Job Requirements:  

  • A range of 5-8 years of work experience – at least 4 years on related files of Business Process Management, Operational and Organizational Excellence, Customer Experience, Operating Model, Performance Management, Digital Transformation, Business Transformation, Governance, and Organization Design. 
  • Hands-on experience in executing and managing consulting engagements with direct client management.
  •  Successful performance within team environments, enjoy being part of a team. 
  • Excellent organizational skills, having the ability to prioritize workload while being resilient and being able to cope well under pressure and meeting tight deadlines. 
  • A fluent command of Arabic and English is required. 

Consulting Manager

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Consulting Manager

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