Procurement and Administrative Specialist

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Job Overview:

As a Procurement and Administrative Specialist at our company, you will play a pivotal role in managing both procurement activities and essential administrative functions. Your expertise in procurement processes and strong organizational skills will be crucial in ensuring the efficient acquisition of goods and services. Additionally, your attention to detail and ability to handle diverse administrative tasks will contribute to the smooth operation of our company. Collaborating with internal teams and external vendors, you will be responsible for coordinating procurement efforts, managing office tasks, handling documentation, and providing comprehensive administrative support to team members. Your proactive approach and commitment to excellence will significantly impact our company's success and growth.



1. Collaborate with teams to assess procurement needs for goods and services and contribute to the development of the yearly procurement plan.

2. Source and evaluate potential vendors, obtain quotes, and negotiate contracts.

3. Process purchase orders and ensure timely delivery of procured items.

4. Maintain records of procurement activities, including contracts and supplier information.

5. Monitor and track supplier performance to ensure adherence to terms and service level agreements.

6. Resolve procurement-related issues and discrepancies in a timely manner.

Government and Regulatory Compliance:

1. Renew licenses, permits, and certifications necessary for the company's operations in accordance with government regulations.

2. Stay updated on relevant government policies, regulations, and compliance requirements to ensure the company's adherence.

3. Represent the company with government agencies through e-government systems to facilitate communication and compliance reporting.

4. Manage the company's interactions with government agencies regarding government procedures, license renewal, compliance with requirements, certifications, and other related matters.

Administrative Support:

1. Provide comprehensive administrative support to team members, including preparing documents, presentations, and reports.

2. Handle incoming and outgoing mail and deliveries.

3. Coordinate internal and external meetings, ensuring schedules align and logistics are in place.

4. Arrange travel accommodations and itineraries for team members, as required.

5. Schedule appointments and manage the company calendar.

6. Handle customer inquiries via phone or email, providing timely and courteous responses.

7. Collaborate with other teams to ensure seamless communication and customer satisfaction.

8. Maintain office needs and supplies inventory, ordering and restocking items as needed.

Key Requirements:

- Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, or a related field, OR High school diploma.

- Proven experience in procurement and administrative roles, preferably in a small company setting.

- Strong organizational and time management skills to handle multiple tasks efficiently.

- Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities to interact with team members, external partners, and government authorities.

- Proficiency in using office software (e.g., Microsoft Office, Google Suite).

- Ability to maintain confidentiality and handle sensitive information with discretion.

- Proactive and resourceful approach to problem-solving.

- Minimum of 2-3 years of relevant experience in procurement, administrative, or related roles.

Procurement and Administrative Specialist

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Procurement and Administrative Specialist

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